What is the name and purpose of the resource center known as Cole Resource Center?

The Cole Resource Center is a valuable and essential resource center that serves as a hub for information, support, and resources for various communities. Located in the heart of our city, the center is known for its diverse range of services and its commitment to promoting social and educational opportunities for individuals and families. But what is the purpose of this resource center and why is it named after Cole? In this introduction, we will explore the history and purpose of the Cole Resource Center, shedding light on the important role it plays in our community.

The Jonathan O. Cole Mental Health Consumer Resource Center is a consumer to consumer mental health organization. It was named for Jonathan O. Cole, M.D., a professor of psychiatry at Harvard Medical School, and a senior consultant in psychopharmacology at McLean Hospital, and the founder of the Manic-Depressive & Depressive Association (MDDA)-Boston. It is located in the deMarneffe Building at McLean Hospital in Belmont, Massachusetts.

The Cole Resource Center provides information about a wide range of mental disorders, as well as consultation on housing, health insurance, low cost medications, volunteer employment, and legal advocacy for mental health consumers. It was co-founded by Everett Page, Evie Barkin and Anne Whitman, Ph.D. Barkin and Whitman have publicly revealed that they have bipolar disorder, in line with the Center’s efforts to reduce the stigma of mental illness.

The Center has helped to develop news stories, including collaborations with the Wall Street Journal, Time Magazine, the Boston Globe, and the Harvard Business Review. They have contributed to television segments on psychiatric issues for the Discovery Channel, “20/20” and Good Morning America.

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